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People come to LSS Faith Mission of Fairfield County at different stages in their lives and for different reasons. Each person’s story is unique. We strive to meet our clients where they are and serve them as individuals so that they can better their lives. Here are some of those unique stories.

Eric’s Story

Eric came to Faith Mission of Fairfield County’s sober living program in February 2021 due to a history of drug addiction and homelessness. After moving into the sober living house, he got a job at a local factory and has received several promotions over the past year. Mostly importantly, he’s maintained his sobriety.

Now Eric has an apartment in an LSS-owned building and is looking to build credit and buy a house of his own where his daughter can visit him. “Coming to this program has changed my life. It has given me another chance. It gave me structure and showed me how to be responsible. It gave me a place where I could have time to focus on myself and work on my recovery before starting this journey. Since coming here I have gotten my daughter back in my life, I’ve got my license and a vehicle, and I have a career now.”

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Larry’s Story

Larry is a 3-year Navy veteran from the Vietnam era. He was recently linked with LSS Faith Mission of Fairfield County when he found himself sleeping in his vehicle after being evicted from his home of 5 years.

While staying at Faith Mission of Fairfield County, Larry worked tirelessly to find housing and was able to move into his new home, but not without more hurdles. With the help of a wonderful donor, Larry was able to get a brand new stove for his new home after the one he had lined up fell through at the last minute. Without the stove, he would have lost what he felt was his perfect home.

Larry is deeply humbled by the support he has received says he cannot wait to see where this new start takes him!

Bertrand’s Story

Bertrand, a former Marine, went through a divorce and was left with nowhere to go. While staying at a veterans shelter, he was connected with Faith Mission of Fairfield County’s Supportive Services for Veterans Families (SSVF) program.

SSVF assisted Bertrand in finding permanent housing and a housing voucher, furnishing his home, and providing groceries and a move in kit.

Bertrand is saving to get a vehicle so that he can visit his children. He’s very happy in his new apartment and has high hopes for his future!

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Williams’s Story

A veteran, William became homeless trying to escape negative influences as he was working on his recovery. That’s when he came to LSS Faith Mission of Fairfield County.

Shortly after his arrival, he gained employment as a cement truck driver and began working on finding permanent housing with his case manager.

A couple months later, he moved into his new apartment close to his job. He remains dedicated to sobriety and attends meetings after work. William is looking forward to the next chapter of his life!

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