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People come to LSS Faith Mission at different stages in their lives and for different reasons. Each person’s story is unique. We strive to meet our clients where they are in life and serve them as individuals so that they can better their lives. Here are some of those unique stories.

Edward’s Story

Edward states it plainly.  “If it wasn’t for Faith Mission I’d have nowhere to go.  I’d be on the streets right now.”

Faith Mission had not been part of Edward’s life plan.  “I never thought in my lifetime I’d be down and out,” he said. “But when you lose everything, you don’t have nowhere else to turn except to come to a place like this and rebuild your life and foundation all over again.”

Edward went on to explain how Faith Mission has helped him.  “It’s a good place for a person like me trying to get my life back together.  I didn’t really have nothing, but now I do have something – a place to lay my head, three hot meals a day, room & board, showers, and place to put my clothes and stuff.”

With his basic needs covered, Edward is now free to fully concentrate on the steps he needs to take to leave the shelter.  “My goals,” he said, “are to go back to school and get my GED and to better myself . . . show people I can stand on my own two feet without having to worry so I don’t have to ever come back to the shelter again.”

Edward said gratefully, “Faith Mission helped me get my life back on track.”

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Cheri’s Story

Cheri had it all. After overcoming a bad childhood, she raised two children who are college graduates and doing well.  She was a manager for a major corporation. She had a nice apartment – a nice car.  Then someone broke into her home and brutally attacked her.  The attacker has never been caught.

“When that happened my life fell apart,” said Cheri.  “I couldn’t leave my house because I was scared. So I didn’t go to work anymore, so obviously I lost my job.”  She ran through all of her savings.  Her car was repossessed and she was evicted from her apartment.  In desperation, Cheri sold everything she owned and started running, eventually winding up in Florida where she lived on the streets.

Her children convinced Cheri to come back to come Columbus, and they helped her to get into Nancy’s Place. At Nancy’s Place Cheri finally found a measure of safety.  She’s still scared, but now she is seeing her psychiatrist again twice a week and taking medication to help her anxiety.

“I’m appreciative that Nancy’s Place gives me a place to live,” said Cheri.  “They feed me. They offered me clothes.”  She continued, “If you’re really willing to do the work and put the time in, there are a lot of resources here to help you and it’s a very good place.  The staff is wonderful.  It’s a safe place.”

Dave’s Story

Dave’s path to Faith Mission began when his live-in girlfriend took off with all of his money and personal belongings.  With no family in the state, Dave turned to Faith Mission.

Dave would rate his Faith Mission experience as positive, especially the Resource Center.  “As far as work placement, they are very helpful,” he said.  Between his own list of prospects and the Resource Center’s list of employment partners, Dave was receiving calls for interviews with in 24 hours.  He quickly accepted a job in the automotive field.  Dave also appreciated the food and the respect he received from the staff.

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dental examination

Tom’s Story

Tom’s last dental experience had not gone well, so consequently it had been ten years since he had last had his teeth examined.  Like many of our patients, extreme pain is what brought Tom to our dental clinic.  He thought one tooth needed to be extracted.  However, after a thorough examination, our dentist found two abbesses and determined two teeth needed to be removed, which he was able to do during this single appointment.  As the result of a stroke, Tom is partially paralyzed and uses a wheelchair. Despite his disability, our dental clinic had no problem assisting Tom and we were even able to help him arrange transportation to and from our clinic through our local bus system’s paratransit service.  As Tom was leaving the clinic, he told the staff that the care he received exceeded his expectations and thanked them so profusely that he kept dropping his ice pack.

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