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People come to LSS Affordable Housing at different stages in their lives and for different reasons. Each person’s story is unique. We strive to meet our residents where they are and serve them as individuals so that they can live their best life. Here are some of those unique stories.

female resident

Janice’s Story

Janice has been living at Tubman Towers in Springfield for 10 years. “I enjoy being here. It’s like a great big family. Everyone helps everyone.” For Janice and many others, Tubman Towers offers a safe and affordable living option for seniors on a fixed income. “I don’t know where I’d be,” Janice said when thinking about how limited her options were when she downsized from her previous home. Tubman Towers offers Janice a place to call her own, somewhere she can make lasting friendships. “People pick you up when you’re down and know you like family here.”

Bea’s Story

Bea, who had seven children and a husband of 43 years, struggled to make ends meet working as a cashier for 27 years after her husband passed. But when she was turned out by her son at the age of 85, she was left with nowhere to go and still struggling to make payments for dentures she badly needed. Thanks to LSS Affordable Housing, Bea now has a place to call home and can now more easily afford the treatment she needs without having to worry about finding a safe place to stay.

female resident

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