Our Mission

Creating a better world, by serving people in need.

Food, clothing and shelter are the basic needs of all people. Due to unforeseen circumstances, sometimes people are unable to obtain these basic needs. That’s why Lutheran Social Services (LSS) offers a continuum of services to lend a helping hand. Through our programs, we reach 29 counties in Ohio with select services offered statewide. From single adults to extended families, our mission is to create a better world by serving people in need.

Our Values

Faith Based

We treat those we serve, regardless of religious background or beliefs, under the guidance of the scriptural principle of “love your neighbor as yourself.”


We act in an ethical, honest, transparent and respectful manner in dealing with one another and those we serve.


We offer programs and care to those we serve that promote awareness and a thoughtful and empathetic response toward alleviating struggle.


We respectfully and appropriately apply all resources entrusted to us toward fulfilling our mission.


We are committed to initiating positive and effective change, improving the lives of those we serve and offering this knowledge as a resource for the betterment of the human services field.


We embrace and promote meaningful and creative change that enhances systems and transforms programs to improve the lives of those we serve.


We will do things right the first time and commit to doing them better the next.


We will think beyond the conventional and ask “why not?”

Our Purpose

Each Life Fulfilled. Each life deserves it. A chance to be fulfilled. Safe. Nourished. Comfortable. Loved. Confident. In response to God’s call to love our neighbor, we reach out and we help.  One person, one family at a time. Without regard to the who or the why.  Through each and every act, a meal.. a bed.. a gift.. a smile.. fulfillment is found. With respect. With dignity. With the belief that these efforts help to make the world a better place.

Our Historic Timeline


Lutheran Inner Mission League founded


Incorporated to “carry on general charitable and religious work and maintain a hospice” as a residence for young Christian women


A six room house at 148 S. Belle St. was opened as League headquarters and a settlement house.


Builds and moves its operations to 106 S. Gift St. in downtown Columbus. The building becomes known as the Lutheran Evangelistic Center.


Opens first thrift store/food pantry.


Name changed to Lutheran Welfare League of Central Ohio.


A thrift store opens at 209 S. Broad St in Lancaster.


Lutheran Senior City (later known as Lutheran Village of Columbus) dedicated.


Adoption services begin.


Name changed to Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio.


The first black adoption program in Ohio, Black Adoptions Services, was started.


The Fairfield County Emergency Shelter opens in Lancaster.


The first LSS affordable housing community, Stone House Place in Bridgeport, Ohio, opens.


Kensington Place is dedicated.


The Good Shepherd Rehabilitation and Healthcare Campus in Ashland joins the LSS Network of Hope.


Disaster Response services are offered.  Faith Mission becomes a member of the LSS Network of Hope.


The Faith Mission Resource Center and Clinic are opened as well as Lutheran Village of Ashland.


Faith Mission on 8th Avenue opens.


Fairhaven Lawn Care, the first social enterprise, launches.


The first mobile food pantry in Ironton starts.

Lutheran Social Services Network of Hope

LSS Home Health Care launches.


CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence joins the LSS Network of Hope.

Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio is a United Way agency, a member of Lutheran Services in America and a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
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