Board Members and Leadership Team

Lutheran Social Services’ board members and leadership team are deeply connected to the mission and values of the LSS Network of Hope. We will always maintain our clients’ dignity and manage our resources responsibly, as inspired by our faith. We live out our faith by ensuring all people are received and treated with unconditional kindness, respect and dignity.

Our Leadership Team

Lutheran Social Services Network of Hope

The Rev. Larry Crowell

President and CEO

“I serve because I believe in the mission of LSS to directly serve and help those in need and because it aligns with my personal desire to, in some small way, help fulfill God’s command that we love our neighbor, right here in central Ohio.”

Lutheran Social Services Network of Hope

Rick Davis

Chief Operations Officer

“Our good works in helping those in need is a noble cause, which I don’t take lightly.”

Michele Cenci-vice president of development

Michele B. Cenci

Vice President of Development

“I love working for an organization that shares my own personal values.  I am proud that we offer help and hope to people who are experiencing very hard times.  It feels good knowing LSS services are offered with the utmost dignity and respect, and it’s rewarding to see our board, leadership team, staff, volunteers and donors all come together to help restore lives.”

Lutheran Social Services Network of Hope

Phil D. Helser, CPA

Vice President for Finance, Chief Financial Officer

“Serving is the best way to demonstrate to others the love of Christ.”

Lutheran Social Services Network of Hope-Heather Dubbe-vice president of human resources-leadership team-board member

Heather Dubbe

Vice President of Human Resources

“I know that by helping to provide great employees and volunteers who are caring and dedicated, and who know we care about them as we do those we serve through our programs, we in turn improve the experience our clients and residents within our various facilities receive each and every day.”

Lutheran Social Services Network of Hope-Pam Georgiana, Vice President of Engagement

Pam Georgiana

Vice President of Engagement

“I’m honored to work for an organization that serves people in need by meeting them where they are and helping them improve their lives.”

Chad Wolverton, Vice President of Information Technology Chad Wolverton

Chad Wolverton

Vice President of Information technology

“I enjoy providing technology solutions that have a direct impact — Not only to the organization and its mission but most importantly to the community we serve.”

Our Board Members

our board-Engagement Committee Chair-dan-bailey

Board Chair and Chair, Executive and Engagement Committees
Dan Bailey

Bailey Cavalieri LLC

“I have been affiliated with the LSS Board for nearly 25 years and am continually impressed with the Agency’s compassionate staff, thoughtful leaders, caring volunteers and generous donors. The needs we address are great, but everyone associated with LSS should be very proud of our efficient use of the resources we have and the critical difference we are collectively making in the lives of so many people.”

our board-andrew-prakel

Finance Committee Chair
Andrew F. Prakel, CPA

Assistant Treasurer & Corporate Controller
White Castle System, Inc.

“I serve at LSS as a way to pay back for the opportunities that I have had during my lifetime.  I have been blessed with a strong family upbringing, and I want to help those that have had to endure hardships in their lives.  It brings joy to my heart when I see the expressions of thankfulness from the people that we serve.”

Nomination and Board Development Committee Chair
Sharon Morris

our board-Quality and Compliance Committee Chair-bonnie-gerber

Quality and Compliance Committee Chair
Rev. Bonnie Gerber

All Saints Lutheran Church, Worthington

“I serve at LSS because I believe when God commands us to “love your neighbor as yourself,” God is calling us to action. Biblical love is about our relationship with God and others, and when we love our neighbor as ourselves we work to meet the needs of others as much as we meet our own needs of food, clothing, shelter, relationships, etc.  I serve out of the world’s need for love.”

our board-marty-schwalbe

Strategic Planning Committee Chair

Marty Schwalbe

Managing Director, Executive Education
The Max M. Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

“Every day there are too many people for whom life is a struggle, beset by circumstances that I have not personally faced. LSS gives me a chance to contribute to the work we do to help others face these challenges and lead a richer life.”

our board-betsy-blake

Betsy Blake

National Account Manager
Safelite Solutions
Chairwoman, Safelite AutoGlass Foundation

“I am compelled to serve at LSS due to its faith-based and consistent approach to serving, while preserving its clients’ dignity. Because LSS combines a best-practice business mindset toward all of the organizations it oversees and has a clear set of goals that speak to improving the lives of those it serves, I am a joyful ambassador and advocate.”

our board-steve-denunzio

Steve DeNunzio

Senior Lecturer & Director – Master in Business Logistics Engineering Program
The Max M. Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

“The most important thing for me is that LSS in many ways serves as the last line of defense for its clients and offers them hope.  CHOICES is a great example of this, as without the intercession of LSS, Columbus would have been without a domestic violence shelter.  This is important not only because of this specific action, but because I know that LSS will (and has) put a tremendous amount of thought, love and planning into making sure that the future experience for CHOICES clients is the best it can be.”

Rev. Mark Diemer

Grace of God Lutheran Church

Mindi Cunningham

Mindi Cunningham, LLC

“Hope is easily lost in times of despair and darkness; if hope can be restored through the caring hearts, minds, and hands of others, then lives can begin to be transformed. I believe we have a responsibility to serve those in need, as we are called upon by Christ.”

Greg Jordan

Senior Vice President and Chief Audit Executive
Nationwide Insurance

“Being part of LSS, who helps those with life’s basic needs, is both humbling and rewarding and a part of the Lord’s grand plan.”

Ed Kendall

Vice President, Capital Planning and Controls

“Lutheran Social Services aligns my faith with the ability to positively impact those in our community who need assistance with basic needs.  The organization’s operating model is attractive and enables efficient delivery of programs and services to our clients.”

Kelly Kroskie

Vice President, Chief Operational Risk Officer

“Volunteering and serving others is a significant part of living intentionally and trying to make a positive impact on the community. I have chosen to serve through the LSS organization as I believe in the faith-based resources and programs they offer to our central Ohio neighbors in need.”

Fred Manning, board member, leadership team

Fred Manning

Executive Vice President, Credit Administration

“I serve at LSS because it is a beacon of hope for those on the path to renewal.”

Andrew Meslow

Chief Operating Officer
Bath & Body Works

“Martin Luther famously said ‘God does not need your good works, but your neighbor does.’  I am pleased to be joining with Lutheran Social Services in helping so many of our neighbors here in Ohio.”


Jessica Quinn, Esq.

Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

“My family has been profoundly impacted by issues of mental health and homelessness.  I serve to provide the same hope and support to other families that has made such a difference to mine.”

Brandon Riggins

Project Executive
Messer Construction co.

“I am very appreciative of the opportunity I have to serve at LSS and help individuals overcome challenging situations with dignity and love of your neighbor.  The scope of services this Agency provides to meet the various needs of the community is impressive, it’s truly a remarkable organization.”

Debbie Ryan

Senior Manager of North American Transportation

“I’m inspired by people who seek out the good in the world and try to make it accessible to all; never doubt that the good is there!”

Marc Schroeder

Pastor, Retired
our board-beth-sparks

Beth K. Sparks, CFP

Vice President, Investments
Raymond James

“If we bring one person up from despair then we raise up the entire community!”

Linda Taylor

Jill E. Treece  MBOE, BSN, RN, CNOR, CSSBB

Senior Lecturer, fisher College of business – management services
The Ohio State University

“I am humbled to be a part of LSS.  A benevolent multi-faceted organization that fills an important niche in Central Ohio.  Clients are met in their own environment, and given hope for a better tomorrow.”


Todd Treon

VP, Marketing – Solutions, Services, Digital & eCommerce
Cardinal Health

“I feel a calling to serve those who are less fortunate and especially those with pressing needs for the basic necessities in life which aligns with the LSS mission.”

brian weber, board member, leadership team

Brian Weber

Managing Director, Transmission Development
Transource Energy, American Electric Power

“Lutheran Social Services has a long history of providing help to those in need in the central Ohio area. It is an honor to serve the LSS organization and know that my contributions can add to the generous contributions of time, energy and finances from the community and together make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”

Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio is a United Way agency, a member of Lutheran Services in America and a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
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