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HIV Prevention and Care

LSS Health Center provides on-site testing, follow-up care and additional resources to help you protect yourself from HIV. 

Testing saves lives! Knowing your status can help you and your partner stay healthy. Additionally, knowing and starting treatment earlier has better health outcomes. HIV can be treated and there is medication that can assist with preventing HIV if you are at risk.

LSS Health Center provides:

  • Onsite testing with little to no cost to you. Results in 10 minutes.
  • Follow-up care
  • Additional resources and information
  • Referrals for ongoing services and care
  • Access to the H.O.M.E program for individuals at high risk for HIV or individuals living with HIV/AIDS who are experiencing housing instability. Includes direct client assistance through rental and utility assistance.

Schedule your appointment today!

Call us today to schedule a HIV test or learn more about prevention at (614) 224-0747.

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