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Freshbox Catering serves people in need by creating employment opportunities and teaching life and job skills to local residents recovering from challenging life circumstances. As people pull themselves out of poverty, unemployment, or other circumstances, they often find they lack skills needed to enter the workforce. Freshbox Catering provides steady income to employees in need while embedding important life and job skills into their everyday activities. Customers of Freshbox Catering receive delicious healthy food while employees receive life and job training.

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Our Mission

As part of the Lutheran Social Services’ Network of Hope, our mission is to create a better world by serving people in need. We live out our faith by helping those affected by poverty get back to work.

Our Menu

Sandwich Box Meals $9.99

Salad Box Meals $9.99

Sandwich Platters $45.00

Large Social Salads $32.00

Sides/Dessert/Drinks also available

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Pam’s Story

Pam hadn’t worked for most of her adult life for various reasons including health issues, a lack of education and experience and low self-esteem. She wanted to work but was very unsure about how to find a job, how to interview and how to interact with co-workers and supervisor. She came to Freshbox for job training and life skills education. Since she has been at Freshbox, she has learned a lot, taken great initiative and feels more confident in her abilities. Her co-workers look up to her as a role model and a leader.

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