Fairhaven Lawn Care is dedicated to serving residential and commercial customers with experience and aptitude. Our extensive repertoire of top-quality lawn maintenance and landscaping services can help create an outdoor environment that you can enjoy during any season.

Landscape Design

If you’re in need of a new design or would like to know what our professional crew would recommend for your property we have the ability to meet with our customers one on one and give you our opinion or design your beds, etc based on what our customers would like. We can create new beds or redesign existing beds

landscaped home

Flower Service

We provide an array of flower services to set your property up for all the seasons or just a one time planning of flowers to make your property stand above all the rest. Our flower service includes the planting, watering (initial and ongoing if requested), as well as the fertilization of these flowers as they’re planted. The client has the option of picking the flowers out or allowing our crew supervisor to pick out all the flowers with your recommendation.

Fall Clean-up

Leaf and debris removal in the fall is a key essential to keeping your lawn looking good year round. Our crew will remove all the leaves/debris over a period of time in the fall so that by the last process, all items are removed and you are fully prepared for the winter months.

Spring Clean-up

Over the winter months, several items including leaves, twigs, etc. gather in the beds or on the lawn. Our spring clean up includes removal of all those items and preparing your property for the spring and summer seasons. This would also include any perennials and grasses that would need to be cut back at this time.


We will mulch all properties and this includes new beds, existing beds, etc. We can top dress beds to bring back that “pop” to your property or we can remove some old mulch and put down fresh mulch in color and style of your choice. Our price includes labor, mulch, and cleanup and we will leave your property with a professional look that will stand out in your community.

men mulching


All beds and trees will be edged either with hand-held edging equipment or machines. This would allow a very detailed edging to all areas in need and leave those beds with a professional look. Any extra dirt or debris would be removed from the property and disposed of properly.

Shrub and Tree Trimming

All of our trimming or pruning is done accordance to the standards set out by the Arborist Association. Trees will be thinned and balanced back to their natural form and all shrubs will be pruned at the appropriate time of the season. All limbs or debris will be removed from the property and properly disposed of.

man with mower


Lawns are cut to the necessary height depending on the season (or at the request of a customer). Line trimmers are utilized in the needed areas to establish a clear detailing of the property. Some of these areas include sidewalks, buildings, etc. Once the mowing is completed and all trimming our crew will then use blowers to clean off the property and leave it with a clean and professional look. Typical mowing seasons for our crew is from April to December depending on the weather.

Snow Removal

We can provide the full spectrum of snow removal services (residential or commercial) in Fairfield County. Our snow service provides snow plowing, shoveling, and a de-icing service (concrete and blacktop options available). No job is too big or too small and our typical service starts at 2 inches of snow, but specific on call basis is also available for our customers.

Storm Clean-up

In the unfortunate incident of a bad thunderstorm, wind storm or ice storm, our crew will remove all tree limbs and debris from your property and dispose of them. If you would like us to leave the wood from a fallen tree or limb, we are more then happy to cut it and stack for use later.

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