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People come to Fairhaven Lawn Care at different stages in their lives and for different reasons. Each person’s story is unique. We strive to meet our customers and associates where they are and serve them as individuals so that they can better their lives.

Eric’s Story

Before coming to the LSS Faith Mission of Fairfield County emergency shelter, Eric was sleeping in a tent. Then he was hired by Fairhaven Lawn Care, where he earned job experience and gained back his self-respect.

Since then, Eric has credited the program with getting his life back on track.

“I felt that it was never going to get better. Without this job, I would probably still be somewhere earning minimum wage and unable to pay for a place to live. I see where I’ve come from, and it makes me want to work harder and be a better person.”

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Shannon’s story

The path to self-respect has been long for Shannon, 38.  Trapped in an unstable home life, he started using drugs at age 11 when introduced to them by his father and everything slid downhill from there – stealing to buy drugs, manufacturing and selling drugs, serving jail time, losing his children and becoming homeless.

After a nine-month jail sentence, Shannon was forced to go to rehab, his sixth attempt, but this time it worked.  From rehab he went directly to the LSS Fairfield County Emergency Shelter and eventually to the sober living program.  While in shelter, Shannon was hired by Fairhaven Lawn Care and is now in his own place and has regained his driver’s license.

For Shannon his job as been a huge turning point in finding his self-respect. He works hard, doesn’t call off and has even gotten a raise.  He loves his co-workers, especially his boss.  “I’m not used to people trusting me.  But showing up to work,” Shannon paused, “it’s cool to have someone trust you.  I love my job.”

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Fairhaven Lawn Care far exceeded our expectations with regard to punctuality, professionalism, and quality. We never hesitate to hire them every time we need service with full confidence that they will meet our needs. Paul and his team complete each job on time and leave our landscape looking impressive!

Jen, residential customer

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