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Journey of Hope

The following poem was created by Barbara Fant and made with input from the audience at the 2019 Peacemakers Luncheon.


Out of darkness
Across every road that has been walked
Footsteps have been bruised,
but I am still here
Palms raised to the sky
This is my story, and it is mine to tell
Oceans swarmed around
almost choked the life out of me
But I know there is life on the other end,
Held on to the Truth,
when life unraveled itself from my grasp
But this is the path, I was given
Loneliness was the only home I knew,
Bloodied and bruised,
Clawed and prayed my way to safety
Lost my voice, when all around me was dark tunnel,
My own mirror was my judge
Reflection of generations of bodies
Even my loved ones
thought my back would be broken forever
But there was a fire in the spirit of my spine,
And with courage of survivors, I stand,
Through this long journey,
hope harnessed in backbones
Opened our hands and all we had was a prayer
Opened our mouths and all we had was a song
The faith, the freedom, the fight
That we would make it into peace, into light
And find our way back to joy,
the journey back,


being here
beginning the journey
taking the first step to a new life! even when you are very afraid
a powerful journey
taking action and asking for help
believing you deserve better
embracing change; asking for help; standing up for yourself; facing your fear
standing up for yourself
starting new and taking the next step! making the most terrifying decision of your life and moving forward!! you are strong!!
making the difficult choice to break free
seeking help
taking the first step for a better life
accepting change
speaking up and being heard
seeking help and living your life
choosing to leave and believing in you!

Courage opens up the door for freedom to wave her hands, she opens her mouth and says, “You have everything you need to break your own chains”


your right
god given
a day with no fear!
living without fear
knowing you are safe
choosing your own path for you and your family
having the control to make your own choices
the ability to make your own choice
having no strings attached
the ability to be yourself
living on my terms
not living in fear
home! mine! here! safety!
the opportunity to live your choice without fear
the courage to make a choice
not having to ask permission for anything
a chance to make your own choices

Breaking through every silence and shade of darkness, Freedom tilts her head to sky and remembers her purpose


the power within
your guide!
inner strength
is the fire and sparkle in your life!!!
a healthy state of mind
indestructible, unrelenting and free!
a hopeful breath of new life
a driving force that heals
character of the soul
rising with hope, above your difficulties
a feeling of encouragement!
fearless hope for a new future
hope for the future
the power to break free
is your spark to keep moving forward
living your best life

Spirit is the wind rushing into a chest full of grace, opening every new page with gratitude, a body of love overflowing


knowing you are not alone
in your future
feeling calm, safe, and supportive
safe, a good night’s sleep, absence of fear, feeling secure about food, having a next meal
life without fear
safety, and something everyone deserves
a day of safety!!
when you’re not afraid anymore
a safe and comfortable place
re-claiming your happiness
freedom to start a new chapter
finally having that “ah” moment to let it all go

Peace rests along her backbone, a river of stillness, even when the world is a storm around her, she stands with a smile


a loved one’s smile
having a reason to smile
the freedom to be yourself and smile from the inside
freedom from fear!
a stress-free way to choose your own path
found in the journey
knowing you’re worthy
having someone that cares
with gratitude comes joy, with joy comes love, of yourself and those around you
within your reach, it is achievable
is what you deserve!

Overcoming and becoming, exactly who she is purposed to be, no longer living in fear, but perfect love, she opens her mouth in praise and outpours joy

This road has been long
But now, a cathedral of love
surrounds my skin,
Bursts through the home of my chest
My true purpose,
now able to manifest,
With love in my soul,
Through any storm, I can cope,
Here, I have found my truest self,
Courage, freedom, spirit, peace, joy,
My life now a haven harnessed
Along this journey of hope

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