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People come to LSS Kensington Place at an important stage in their lives but for different reasons. Each person’s story is unique. We strive to meet our residents where they are and serve them as individuals so that they can be happy and healthy. Here are some of those unique stories.

Ella’s Story

This is Ella’s second time living at LSS Kensington Place. She moved here shortly after Kensington opened in the early 1990s with her husband who was recuperating from open heart surgery. She was drawn to the supportive atmosphere of the community during a time of change and uncertainty. Her husband got better and they decided to move to a condo, but Kensington remained in her heart.

After her husband passed, she was tired of being alone and didn’t want the responsibility of the condo and upkeep. A friend who lived at Kensington called to invite her to dinner, and the rest is history—she moved back in less than a month, for the second time, and has been here ever since. She hasn’t regretted her move for a moment. “I sat down at breakfast the first morning I was here, saw all the friendly faces, and said, ‘This is why I’m here, I need conversation, I need to be around people.’”

Ella feels very much at home here at Kensington Place. She goes away with her family to Camp Luther for an extended period of time for vacation, but she’s always happy to come home to Kensington. “I’m so thankful for my home here and the new friends I’ve made. Thank you for making me feel so welcome here.”

senior woman

Ginny & Paul’s Story

Ginny and Paul chose Kensington Place as their home after experiencing the warm, inviting atmosphere during their first visit. Paul says of Kensington Place, “After coming in here, talking to the people behind the counter and compared to the two we had visited, this was much more home-like.”

Deb’s Story

After determining that living alone was not the ideal situation for her, Deb sought out a retirement center. Deb recalled what made her decide to choose Kensington, “Everyone was so very friendly, that it really made a great difference, so I felt like Kensington was the place for me.”

She has now found wonderful opportunities for fulfillment and community by being involved with the many activities available. From gardening, to singing, and a “once-a-month lunch bunch”, she is delighted by the quality of her friendships and her overall well-being.

Pastor Floyd Stolzenburg

“The best part of Kensington is the good residents we have and their willingness to take an active part in our programs. The Resident’s Council helps get new residents comfortable. The facility has great privacy and and security and is located in the city without being closed in by the city. I appreciate the efforts made to provide weekly worship and Bible class, a weekly Shabbat service and a monthly Mass. Opportunities for gardening and other resident led activities are always available.”

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