The Rehabilitation Center at LSS The Good Shepherd


Recovering from orthopedic, cardiac or neurological conditions and surgical procedures can mean a process of rehabilitation to restore activities of daily living and functional independence. We offer compassionate and personalized in-patient care and therapy that promotes a successful recovery and return home. Your recovery process can benefit from a short-stay in a private room where patients receive rehabilitation services and the education they need to return home.

While at the Rehabilitation Center, the therapy team will be available to work with you up to 7 days/week.  The Good Shepherd has a spacious and advanced rehabilitation gym with all the necessary equipment to help with your therapy progression.  There is an additional space next to the gym that emulates a home-like atmosphere to help best prepare you for your return home.

The Rehabilitation Center also offers outpatient physical, occupational and speech therapy services. Home care services are available through LSS Home Health Care.

Rehabilitation Benefits

This transitional step between the hospital and home provides an extension of care that includes additional rehabilitation services and promotes a healthy and positive outcome. In addition to the improvement from daily therapy services, other benefits include:

  • Respiratory Therapy team to assist with respiratory needs
  • EarlySense® contact-free and continuous health monitoring
  • Medication management and adjustments
  • Nutritional restoration and balance
  • Emotional and supportive services
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Financial and health insurance coverage consulting
  • Discharge planning and home assessments
The Rehabilitation Center at LSS the Good Shepherd

We Treat a Range of Conditions

Our team of licensed therapists offers state-of-the-art customized rehabilitation services to each individual. We have the highest RN to patient ratio in Ashland. We also staff professionals such as certified wound care specialists and respiratory therapists. Our rehabilitation program specializes in:

  • Cardiac care
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Stroke recovery
  • Pulmonary/COPD treatment
  • Ventilator care
  • Orthopedic joint replacement
  • Complex medical care
  • Chronic pain treatment

Individualized Care Plan

Our rehabilitation team will work with you and your family to develop and coordinate your Individualized Care Plan. We will also provide periodic updates throughout your stay as to your progress and discharge plans. Prior to your discharge, we will coordinate home care, order needed equipment, process your medication orders and schedule a follow-up appointment with your primary care physician. Your rehabilitation team will coordinate all services to help you reach your optimal discharge goals.

Outpatient Therapy

LSS The Good Shepherd in partnership with Blue Sky Therapy offers physical, occupational and speech therapy to the Ashland community.

Our trained professionals will evaluate your rehabilitation needs and develop a specialized one-on-one treatment program that will help you make a speedy recovery.


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Jintronix – Virtual Rehab

The Rehabilitation Center and Blue Sky Therapy employ this easy-to-use virtual rehab platform designed for physical and occupational therapy. It combines rehab movements, virtual games, and motion sensing cameras.

Jintronix allows therapists to:

  • Track patient’s weekly progress & share with patient, family and physicians
  • Obtain objective data to document on patient’s progress
  • Alerts therapist where special attention is needed

Jintronix allows patients to:

  • Engage in functional & FUN virtual activities
  • Allows patients to choose patient-specific programs to address individual deficits
  • Help set up day-to-day personal goals
  • Makes therapy FUN

Introducing your Patient Navigator Team

Our team offers compassionate and personalized care and therapy that ensures a successful recovery and return to home.

Success Stories

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