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People come to LSS The Good Shepherd at different stages in their lives and for different reasons. Each person’s story is unique. We strive to meet our residents and patients  where they are and serve them as individuals so that their lives may be healthy and whole. Here are some of those unique stories.

Kirby’s Story

Kirby, 95, had led an active lifestyle until a series of health setbacks brought him to LSS The Good Shepherd (TGS).  He was weeding when he stepped in a hole, rolled down an embankment and hurt his back.  He endured surgery, then shingles and then a second fall.  This time the hospital sent him to TGS.

Remarking on the excellent care he has received during his two years at TGS, Kirby says, “I want to stay here. They give you good care, and they look out after you.  They try to help you.”

This World War II veteran is still an avid Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Cavaliers fan.  “I enjoy each day,” Kirby says.  “If you worry you get old.”

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Bunny’s Story (in her own words)

“I was visiting family in Florida when I fell and broke my left hip. The operation was not a success, nor was my short term therapy. I was told I would not walk again, and I would live with the terrible pain.”

“I came back to Ohio, where I had my second surgery, and was discharged to The Rehabilitation Center at The Good Shepherd. At first, getting out of my wheelchair was very painful, and my first steps were very shaky, but they were quite an accomplishment. I cannot say enough nice things about my therapists. They were very encouraging and positive. Their happy faces made me want to please them as much as to do it for myself.”

“My therapy lasted a few weeks and not only am I able to walk again, but have also made many friends and family at The Good Shepherd.”

UPDATE! The Ashland Source recently published a story about Bunny. You can read it here.

Fran and Dann’s Story

Nurses Fran Baney and Dann Simmons first met in 1981. Fran was a nursing instructor at North Central State College and Dann was an orderly working under the supervision of Fran’s daughter at a local nursing center. Dann was at a crossroads and looking for a profession where he could utilize his people skills and his passion for caring for others. He was interested in nursing.

Fran became a nurse in the 1940’s. She then joined the Army and was stationed at Newton D. Baker VA Center in West Virginia. After leaving the Army and newly married, she took the teaching job at North Central where she taught for approximately ten years.

Dann entered the practical nursing program in the spring of 1982. It wasn’t easy, but by the next year he found himself in Fran’s class and clinical rotation in pediatrics. Dann remembers Fran as a strong, confident educator with a nurturing spirit. A consummate professional, she always gave nothing less than what she demanded from her students.

Dann become a Registered Nurse in 1990. He’s worked at all levels of the long term care industry, from nursing assistant to director of nursing. He recently joined the nursing staff at LSS The Good Shepherd where he was reunited with his mentor Fran Barney, who is a resident.  Thanks to Fran, Dann considers his nursing career a ministry.

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Tom’s Story (from his daughter Jeanine)

In a second, Tom’s life as he knew it was upended. A serious fall caused a traumatic brain injury, drastically altering his physical, mental and behavioral health. For six months, his family struggled with medical professionals and facilities trying to find answers and help for Tom’s condition. They hit wall after wall and lost faith in our health care system, finally resigning to the fact that Tom would never get better and have to remain in a nursing home for the rest of his life. Unhappy with his current facility, the family moved Tom to LSS The Good Shepherd (TGS). This move proved literally life-altering for him. His daughter said, “TGS was the blessing and answer to all of our prayers.” The staff gave Tom the patience, care, understanding and time he needed to recover.  If something wasn’t working, the TGS staff worked until they found a solution. After a lot of hard work and dedication, Tom was finally able to return home to his wife. After believing this day would never come, Tom and his family were overjoyed by this turn of events.

Sandy’s Story

In addition to providing valuable services to people in need, volunteering also enables older volunteers to enjoy active lives. More and more research is showing a relationship between volunteering and physical and mental health benefits.  Sandy Lindberg can attest to that. The Nankin resident recently retired from The Good Shepherd in Ashland after 42 years as a nurse. She said, “The day I retired, I went right over to the beauty salon in the building and offered to help. Now, I volunteer every Tuesday morning. I love it. This place is my second home. By volunteering, I get to see the residents and my co-workers every week. They are like family.”

good shepherd skilled nursing and rehabilitation

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