From the Unpredictable

Preparing for When Disaster Strikes

LSS Disaster Services provides disaster response coordination and disaster preparedness training in the state of Ohio and surrounding areas.

Dayton Area Tornado Update – LSS Disaster Services is helping coordinate long-term recovery efforts in the Miami Valley and is working with the Miami Valley Long-Term Recovery Group to identify repair and rebuild opportunities for volunteer teams. Please contact John Pyron, director of Disaster Response, at or 937.540.2507 if your group is interested in assisting.

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Our Mission

As part of the Lutheran Social Services’ Network of Hope, our mission is to create a better world by serving people in need. We live out our faith by assisting those impacted by disasters and preparing communities to effectively respond and prepare for them.

Our Services

  • Disaster response
  • Long term case management
  • Disaster preparedness training
  • Donation management


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Marge’s Story

Marge is an 80 year old widow with a disabled, adult son.  When four feet of flood water went through Marge’s home, they lost everything.  Not knowing where to turn, Marge paid a company to repair her home.  Unfortunately the company did not adequately repair the house, leaving it still uninhabitable.  Marge was left paying the mortgage on the flooded home and rent for an apartment while her home was being repaired.  With nowhere else to turn, she applied to a governmental rental assistance program four times but received no aid.

With the guidance of a LSS Disaster Services staff member, Marge was able to file an appeal with the rental assistance program and soon received support.  Meanwhile, LSS, along with other local organizations, rebuilt Marge’s home and furnished it.  Without the aid of LSS, Marge would not be comfortably settled back in her home.

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